Election day is Tuesday, March 5


Chief Richard Hickey

Brentwood, TN Police

Sheriff Mike Breedlove

Cheatham County, TN (Ret.)

Beverly Burger

Alderman, Franklin TN

Mark Gorman

Mayor of Brentwood

Chris Richards

Commissioner Williamson CO

Barb Sturgeon

Commissioner Williamson CO

Pete Stresser

Commissioner Williamson CO

Ken Travis

Vice Mayor Brentwood

David O'Neill

Commissioner Williamson CO

Rhea Little

Commissioner of Brentwood

Ricky Jones

Commissioner Williamson CO

Nelson Andrews

Commissioner of Brentwood

Anne Dunn

Commissioner of Brentwood

Chief Kevin Arnold

Smyrna, TN Police (Ret.)

Chief Phil Keith

Knoxville, TN Police (Ret.)

Chief George Smith

Camden, TN Police

Chief Jan Phillips

Shelbyville, TN Police

Chief Don White

Lenoir City, TN Police

Director Joey Kimble

21st Judicial Drug Task Force (Ret.)

Chief Tony Crisp

Maryville, TN Police

Chief Kim Wallace

Dover, TN Police (Ret.)

Chief Ricky Watson

Brentwood, TN Police (Ret.)

Chief Rick Scarbrough

Clinton, TN Police (Fmr.)

Chief Mark Yother

Manchester, TN Police (Ret.)

Chief Greg Etheredge

Livingston, TN Police (Fmr.)

Don Green

Deputy Chief Knoxville (Ret.)

Richard Hall

Germantown Chief of Police (Ret.)

Phillip R. Newman


Robert Hassell


Mark L. Puryear III


Judge Michael W. Binkley

Williamson CO Circuit Court, (Ret.)